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Contact us

Be free to contact us from every part of the world. You can contact us on serbian, russian or english language.

Official telephone number: + 381 64 902 1312

E-mail: jedan389@yahoo.com for your letters, questions, ideas, projects, etc; if you don't recieve answer on your message, then reach us on alternative e-mail: jedan389@mail.ru

Web locations: 1389.org.rs + 1389.rs + 1389.in.rs + 1389.org.yu + any other address that leads to the main address: 1389.org.rs

Official movement blog: take a look

Please be carefull, that you are not deceived with false presentations of our organisation. Registered trade mark is eight-pointed star.

We would like to thank all people of good will for their help and support. Thanks!