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Proces of interdiction on Movement 1389

On october 2009. Republical state prosecutor of Serbia Slobodan Radovanovic, started a process in front of Constitutional court of Serbia, in aim to legally ban Movement 1389. At the same time, S. Radovanovic and his official spokesman Tomo Zoric, made very heavy charges in the public medias against Movement 1389. One year later, president of Constitutional court, dr Bosa Nenadic, claimed that, now former, State prosecutor S. Radovanovic in a year time, have not brought one evidence to confirm his claims! Process of interdiction started after great political pressure from capital of European Union Brussels and from America. Political oligarchy of EU and USA are seeing Movement 1389, and some other patriotic, youth, anti-fascistic organizations in Serbia as problem and danger for American, EU and NATO interests on Balkan. Therefore they are seeking for all kind of models to put anti-EU and anti-NATO idea out. Western forces are not pleased with big public movement against Kosovo independence in Serbia.

Serbian government is violating basic human rights and freedoms in order to preserve undemocratic European integrations of Serbia, which don't have enough legitimate support among citizens. Serbian government in 2009. and 2010. is acting as puppet of EU and USA. Movement 1389 is representing more than 50 % of citizens which don't want Serbia inside EU nor the NATO. We are working completely peacefully and lawfully in a consent with Orthodox religion. Our freedom of speech, walking and gathering are threatened because of our sharp criticism of western world. Members of Movement 1389 were arrested several times. Our commitment for tradition, family, religion, patriotism, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia are not welcomed by government of Serbia and institutions of EU, USA and NATO. Our case shows the hidden, not so pretty face of western civilization: totalitarianism, controled medias, arrests, untrue lawsuits, political repression, money penalties, public meeting bans, law uncertainty, government econimic and political dependence, etc. We are proof that western propaganda about European and American human and citizen rights and freedoms, don't work in real life - it doesn't go for opponents.


Constitutional court of Serbia