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Everyday protest against integration of Serbia into EU and NATO

Daily protests against integration of Serbia into EU nad NATO are continuing since July 22 2008.: Protesters gathered at the Republic Square in downtown Belgrade, with We Love Serbia banner

Everyday protests against integration of Serbia into EU and NATO started on July 22nd 2008. and are still going on! (800. day of protest was celebrated on september 29th 2010.! (link) - and we are counting further!)

Protests Against Serbia’s European Integration

“Contempt for Dictatorship”, “EULEX=Occupation”, “Cyrillic=Serbia”, “Radovan Karadzic Hero”, “Ranko Panic”, “End the Tyranny”, “No to EU” are just some of the huge banners and posters carried daily through the main streets of Belgrade, along with the flags of the friendly states which refuse to recognize the mafia state on the territory of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province — Russia, Venezuela, Greece, Cuba, Romania, Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, India, etc.

What began as a spontaneous gathering of the revolted students and citizens on July 22 2008, when it was announced Dr. Karadzic has been arrested by the Serbian quislings and scheduled to be transferred to the kangaroo court in Hague, grew into a fully fledged movement for liberation from the european integrations and puppet regime clinging to power in Serbia with a deadly grip.

Protesters gave thirty silver coins to President Tadic as a payout for his treacherous act.

Beginning at 5 p.m. every day, protesters gather at the capital’s main square, Trg Republike, where the guest speakers address them and from there they start a peaceful walk through the city’s main streets, visiting the embassies, political party headquarters, NGO offices, mainstream media and news agencies, Serbian Parliament and other public and political representatives delivering their messages.

Foreign-Owned Media Strains to Wish it Away

What makes Protest2008 movement particularly significant is the fact its main driving force and the core are not the calcified, disheveled political structures and parties (most of which have turned into money and power-grabbing clubs seething with greed, corruption and venom), but students and youth who happen to love their country more than money and power.

Their peaceful daily protests, accentuated with mini performances and marked by the overwhelming enthusiasm, energy and humor are persistently and stubbornly ignored by the mainstream media, proving once again that foreign-owned news outlets in Serbia are completely incapable of presenting any semblance of reality and genuine Serbian outlook to the public.

Soros Exponent Receives an Iron Swastika, Police Minister Gets a Properly Dressed Suitcase, Defense Minister Earns a Video Game to Play

Soros’ main employee in Serbia Natasa Kandic personally receives recognition for her ceaseless labor against the Serb nation.

On August 2, protesters took a sturdy old fashioned lantern to RTS — Serbia’s supposedly “public media service” which took the page from the private (Soros-owned) services and started leading in one-sided, biased reporting — to help “end the media blackout”.

A day before, they handed 30 silver coins to President Boris Tadic, as a payout for betrayal of Dr. Karadzic. On August 3, the new Minister of Police, Socialist Ivica Dacic, received a suitcase wrapped in the U.S. flag “to have a proper place for the reward promised for betrayal of Radovan Karadzic” (“Movement 1389" organizers have even made a cute little video illustration on the theme).

On August 7, demonstrators gave a NATO t-shirt and the video game of American fighter jet F-117A air battles’ simulation to Serbian Minister of Defense Dragan Sutanovac, who is considered “an advocate of Serbia joining the NATO pact”.

Protesters reject the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA — SSP in Serbian: Sporazum o stabilizaciji i pridruzivanju): torching the ‘agreement’ with the Fourth Reich

A week later, protesters visited Soros’ main employee in Serbia Natasa Kandic, in the offices of the Soros NGO “Fund for Humanitarian Rights” (in Serbian, carried into English under a different name for some reason — “The Humanitarian Law Center”) Kandic is presiding over, and handed her the well deserved recognitions for her tireless anti-Serbian activity: large iron swastika, banner which reads “Serbs have the human rights too” and photo of Natasa Kandic dressed in Gestapo uniform. (Detailed account of protest events with plenty of photos is available at the Protest Blog.)

For Free Serbia

Even though the protests have been instigated by the appalling act of treachery by Tadic regime — arrest of Dr. Karadzic, the protesters’ requests have soon crystallized into a movement against integration of Serbia into EU and NATO.

According to the requests published on the web site of the Serbian National Movement 1389, protesters seek:

1. Changing the Law on Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal to end all extraditions; trying those charged with committing war crimes exclusively in Serbia and helping the defense of those already in the Hague, while urging their immediate return to Serbia;

2. Withdrawing the ratification of the Stabilization and Association Agreement in the Serbian Parliament and closing down the government Office for the European Integrations;

3. Immediate cessation of the “catastrophic reform of the Serbian Army under the control of NATO pact; removal of the NATO pact office from the Ministry of Defense and from every future state institution; immediate ending of the process aimed at integrating Serbian Army in to NATO pact”.

Protest2008 is a movement against the Hague Tribunal, against the “Euro-Atlantic integrations” (joining the EU and NATO) and for Free Serbia.

Protester with badges requesting freedom for Dr. Vojislav Seselj and opposed to Serbia joining the EU

Serbs Overwhelmingly Against Joining the EU

Almost from day one, the protesters have been collecting signatures to demand replacement of the newly appointed Minister of Internal Affairs, Ivica Dacic — along with President Tadic considered the most responsible for the arrest of Bosnian Serb President Karadzic and for a traitorous act of his transfer to the Hague.

On the 49th day of the protests, Monday Sept. 8, protesters have set up a blitz-referendum, asking people to vote for or against joining the European Union. According to the results, 93 percent of the participants voted against Serbia joining the European Union.

“The regime uses various made-to-order polls and researches to falsify the stand of Serbian citizens about the European integrations. That is why we decided to organize the voting and see whether the Serbs are for or against joining the EU”, the spokesman for the Movement 1389 and one of the organizers of Protests 2008.

Today, on the 53rd day of the protests, they have started gathering signatures against Serbia’s entry into the EU.

“We invite all the citizens, regardless of their age, to support the protests and help us fight together against the puppet regime of Boris Tadic”, the activist of the Movement 1389 Luka Rakocevic said, adding that the citizens won’t stop protesting, but will continue to fight for the better future of the beloved Serbia.