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Movement 1389 (in english)

About organisation - details
Vidovdan march - details
Police "democracy" of Hilary Clinton - details
Proces of interdiction on Movement 1389 - details
Everyday protest against integration of Serbia into EU and NATO - details
EU = european wing of NATO (documents and analysis) - details
Kosovo and Metohia video material - details
"Peter Robert report on Srebrenica" - details
The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU - details
Cultural, psychological and media aggression on Serbia - details
Contact us - details

Movement 1389

" 1389" (Serbian people's movement 1389) is a registered trade mark of "Movement 1389", serbian non-government organisation. All material is free for use - no changes in text, design or identity is allowed. Copyright 12.12.2008. - 12.12.2018. Thank you.